August 13 - Toledo August Swiss

4 Round Swiss System Tournament

Site: St. Clement Catholic Church

Jaeger Hall

3030 Tremainsville Rd.

Toledo, Ohio 43613

Time Control: G/70 d/5 for all rounds

Sections: 1800+, 1400-1799, U1400

Small sections may be merged. Must be within 200 points of higher section to play up.

Entry Fee: $20 by August 11, $25 at site.

Registration: 9-9:50 a.m. Rds.: 10a, 1p, 3:30, 6:30

Arrive by end of registration to be paired. If pre-registered and running late, please

email or text that you wish to be paired or you may receive a ½ pt. bye for Rd 1

Prizes: $450 b/28 entries

Open Section: $100-50. Section and class prizes $40 based on sections

Byes: maximum 1 bye; ½ pt. for rounds 1-3, zero pt. for round 4

    Byes must be elected before start of round 2.

Ent: Jonathan Doran, 2327 McKinley Dr., Perrysburg, OH 43551. 949-342-4258

Email: Jonathan Doran at